Cosplay highlights that lit up EGLX 2018

EGLX 2018 cosplay

Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo (EGLX) took place the weekend before Halloween, and with that came some pretty creative cosplays. Thanks to the Cosplay Lounge provided by Enthusiast Gaming (our parent company), cosplayers were able to kick back, relax, and show off their costumes. They even hosted multiple cosplay events such as cosplay Bingo, trick or treating, cosplay Jenga, and a cosplay building contest. Personally, I loved the Cosplay Lounge and found it a great place to take a break from the excitement and business of EGLX. The staff who ran it did a fantastic job and even set up a little living room to get your game on!

Microsoft even hosted a cosplay contest. Mr. Destructoid himself was also walking around posing for photos and hanging with fellow cosplayers. It was really cool to see such creativity on display. Guests were really getting into the spirit of not just it being Halloween weekend but also celebrating their favorite video games. Also, yes, a few Bowsettes were also spotted. I myself got into the spirit and cosplayed as Zelda in her look from Breath of the Wild and as a simple Team Rocket Grunt.

Below are some of the cool cosplays I spotted. Hope you enjoy them and kudos to all the fantastic cosplayers who worked hard on their looks. Hopefully, we will see even more amazing cosplays at upcoming EGLXs in the future. Kudos to all the cosplayers on their hard work and for coming to hang out at EGLX 2018.

Courtesy Jonathan Smith/ Baeged Cosplay as Samus
Courtesy Jonathan Smith/ Shy Guy and Navi
Courtesy Jonathan Smith/ ToraKingz as Sora
Courtesy Jonathan Smith/ Assassin’s Creed
Courtesy Jonathan Smith / Max from Life is Strange
Courtesy Jonathan Smith / Cerulea Cosplay
Jonathan Smith / Veleskjor Cosplay as Emily Kaldwin from Dishonored 2
Courtesy Jonathan Smith / Midna
Courtesy Jonathan Smith / “Chompette”
Courtesy Jonathan Smith / Sephiroth and Aerith
Courtesy Jonathan Smith / Team Magma Grunt
Courtesy Jonathan Smith / Tarah Bleier as Princess Zelda
Courtesy Jonathan Smith / Dex Morgan as “Bowsette”
Tarah Bleier