Cosmic Defenders has been delayed for the foreseeable future


Publisher Natsume has announced that Cosmic Defenders has been indefinitely delayed. The game was due to launch this month; due to the current pandemic, the publisher has decided to delay the game’s release. It’s likely that, like other publishers, Natsume is having a tough time lining up shipping and distribution for the game. The issue is exacerbated by the fact that so many people are working from home, leaving some businesses unable to operate at all.

Cosmic Defenders is the first game in the Natsume Indie Program. The program seeks to give independent developers a platform from which they can launch their games to wider audiences, which they couldn’t have done before.

As a caveat to this sad news, Natsume has revealed some new details on Cosmic Defenders. The publisher has given fans two new screenshots of the first boss stage that players will come up against. This first boss is called Aqua Aramica, and is a water poisoner.



In Cosmic Defenders, players take on the role of unconventional aliens who must defend their homes from chaotic invaders. Up to four players can work together, using the powers of each individual to repel the approaching waves of aliens trying to take what is theirs.

We will let you know when a new release date for the game is announced.


Jamie Sharp
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