God of War director calls Witcher on Switch “some kind of dark sorcery”

Cory Barlog likes Witcher on Switch

Cory Barlog, creative director of God of War (2018) has been enjoying The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition on his Switch Lite. The veteran game developer was praising it on his Twitter and chatting with fans about the recent release. You know you’ve got an excellent port on your hands when industry vets are calling it “some kind of dark sorcery.” He also laments that the game was not titled “The sWitcher III: It sWild Hunt,” which I’m having a hard time arguing against.



Barlog has been working on games since the ’90s, with his biggest claim to fame being his work on the God of War franchise. He calls the work “dev magic” for making “a portable version of a game that is like 3x the size of ALL the games I have ever made combined.”

Knowing the scope of 2018’s God of War, that’s a pretty massive compliment from Barlog. Naturally, he notes that there are graphical trade-offs, but he’s not bothered by them. As for performance, he says he hasn’t noticed anything significant, but that he’s also still fairly early in the game.

It really shouldn’t surprise us that Cory Barlog owns a Switch. The man has primarily worked on Sony exclusive IPs, but that doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy some Nintendo fun every once in a while.


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