Corporeal: Spiritfarer physical edition announced by Thunder Lotus Games

Spiritfarer physical edition

Spiritfarer is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only is the base game great, but the title is experiencing extended life due to free DLC. The only thing the adventure was missing was a physical edition. However, that issue has now been rectified. Thunder Lotus Games has just announced the Spiritfarer physical edition for Nintendo Switch. It comes with an assortment of goodies for fans of the tearjerker.

It’s refreshing to see more indies like Spiritfarer get the physical treatment

If you purchase the physical edition of Spiritfarer, you shall receive:

  • Game in cartridge format
  • 96-page digital artbook
  • Six collectible postcard and sticker stamp sets
  • Digital soundtrack by composer Max LL

A nice mix of physical and digital extras, then.

If you would like to see the physical edition in video format, iam8bit, the company making the product, has you covered:

Pre-orders for the physical edition start today at retailers around the world. The game will set you back $34.99 and will launch on July 27. More information on the set can be found here.

In addition, rumblings of a 2xLP vinyl soundtrack and fancy Collector’s Edition of Spiritfarer were mentioned, though details for both will be revealed at a later date.

Enthusiasts, will you be picking up the Spiritfarer physical edition? Let us know below!

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