A good cause: Corona Relief Done Quick raises over $400,000

Corona Relief

The weekend has come and gone. And with its passing concludes the three-day event known as Corona Relief Done Quick. The speedrunning marathon showcased streamers blitzing through their favorite games in order to supply funds for Direct Relief. In total, the affair raised over $400,000, which will be used to provide care for those affected by COVID-19.

A celebration of games to combat a pandemic

Corona Relief Done Quick was conducted a bit differently than previous Games Done Quicks. Due to the ongoing virus, streamers showed off their runs from the comfort of their homes, with commentators reading off donations. Nintendo classics like Super Mario Bros. 3, Donkey Kong Country, and Super Metroid were just a few of the titles completed in record time. The money raised will go towards Personal Protective Equipment for all the doctors and nurses working to save lives.

If you missed the occurrence, you can check out GDQ’s Twitch channel to view any of the runs. Also, if you’re wondering when the next iteration of GDQ starts, Summer Games Done Quick, it was pushed back. It’s now scheduled for August 16-23.

Enthusiasts, did you take time over the weekend to view any of Corona Relief Done Quick? If so, let us know your favorite game that was speedrun in the comment field below.


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