Coromon, a gorgeous monster tamer RPG, hits Switch in Q1 2022

Coromon Nintendo Switch release date Q1 2022 Freedom Games TRAGsoft

Publisher Freedom Games and developer TRAGsoft have announced that monster tamer RPG Coromon will come to Nintendo Switch in Q1 2022, in addition to its previously announced PC release on Steam (which received a demo a few months ago). The game isn’t just another Pokémon clone because it “provides a fresh take on a beloved genre that incorporates elements from other classics with its puzzle-filled dungeons, tactical battle system, and multi-stage boss fights.” Additionally, if you really want to take the challenge to another level on Switch, Coromon will incorporate difficulty options and even built-in Nuzlocke challenge options. You receive two save slots and auto-saves too, so you’re not pigeonholed.

The game’s Velua region will contain over 120 animated creatures to collect and build up, customizing with bonus stats as you see fit. Additionally, you can customize your own character with hundreds of different cosmetic options, and it sounds like you have some abilities that can affect battle as well. In total, it sounds like Coromon might lean a bit harder into traditional RPG elements than Pokémon, which would be nice if that’s the case. Either way, the graphics sport some beautiful pixel art, as a trailer from March illustrates.

There is a while to wait till that Q1 2022 release date, but Coromon looks like it could really deliver the goods on Nintendo Switch. What do you think of it so far? Don’t forget that there’s a PC demo you can try out.

[Source: PR]

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