Ultra-cool parent 3D prints Breath of the Wild Guardian for son’s birthday

3D printed Breath of the Wild Guardian birthday gift

Think of the best birthday presents you’ve ever been given. I’m sure you’ve had gifts like video games, action figures, or other toys. But have you ever been gifted a highly detailed 3D print of one of the coolest enemies from Breath of the Wild? If so, you might be this person’s son.

Enter Reddit user crowsfield. This super cool parent took up the task to 3D print a Guardian from Breath of the Wild. The detail is outstanding, and the paint job has so much care put into it. Look at this wonderful creation.

Crowsfield made the model and left the painting to a friend. With their powers combined, they’ve created the ultimate birthday gift. The figure is quite large too, measuring in at 12 inches in diameter.

The parent and seven-year-old son both enjoy Breath of the Wild. However, the son mostly spends his time beating up cuckoos and fighting Guardians with just his shield. Hopefully there will be twice as many cuckoos and Guardians to fight in the sequel.

Crowsfield says that seeing the look on their son’s face will be enough to make this all worth it. We salute you and all parents like you! We hope your son really enjoys his gift.

For now, we can marvel in its glory and wait patiently to be able to make our own. Crowsfield plans on releasing the STL file for the Guardian so that other people can have access to the model. Until then, we’ll keep looking at this awesome picture.

What do you guys think of this? Have you ever made a 3D print like this before? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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