Contra: Rogue Corps producer explains why it won’t have microtransactions

Per this year’s E3 Nintendo Direct, a canonical sequel to Contra III: The Alien Wars was announced with Contra: Rogue Corps. The upcoming Konami title is an over-the-top run-and-gun game that supports up to four player co-op, locally or online, and promises to bring back the nostalgic fun of the original Contra games in a new package.

In a new interview with Japanese publication 4Gamer, director and producer Nobuya Nakazato, who has worked on the series since Contra III, unveiled just how Contra: Rogue Corps aims to tap into the franchise’s past. After addressing how mini game consoles kicked off a retro game boom that sparked Konami’s interest in reviving their older titles, Nakazato explained how Contra: Rogue Corps would differ from its predecessors, and how it would remain similar in tone:

When I ask others what makes Contra fun, it’s always ‘I played it with my brother,’ ‘I played it with friends,’ and the like, as in that it’s the co-op aspect a lot of the time. To recreate that in this age, as we are now able to play it online as well, I thought that we had to strengthen this aspect.

However, if you are to play it with multiple people, a sidescroller presents certain problems to the gameplay, so things like a change to a top-down view were things we had to change.

Another thing about the Contra series that must be preserved is the easy-to-understand nature of the gameplay, that you can pick up and immediately understand what to do. While games that require you to sit down and get in the mindset for are fun too, Contra is a game with a low mental barrier of entry, which you can enjoy while eating chips, and immediately stop when your phone rings… that sort of game.

Also, we are aiming to bring back the run-and-gun shooting experience of ‘dodging and hitting’ in the form of a modern game, something which is hard to experience in the FPS genre.”

Most interestingly, on the topic of microtransactions, Nakazato expressed rejecting the idea of them for Contra: Rogue Corps because it’d simply interfere with the game’s fun and ridiculous aesthetic:

We wanted to make a game you could have a rowdy good time with without needing to think too much, so we didn’t add them. If we’re able to get people to just shoot and have fun, then that’s fine. (laughs)

Controls-wise, it’s become a twin-stick shooter, so you might think it’s different from previous Contra games, but unlike others of the genre, there are different levels of elevation, and you can use the famous flipping jump to fight. Classic bosses also appear, so please look forward to it.

Read what our own John Friscia had to say about his experience playing Contra: Rogue Corps at E3 right here. Contra: Rogue Corps launches for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam on Sept. 26 for $39.99.


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