E3 Nintendo Direct: New Contra game Rogue Corps revealed

E3 Nintendo Direct: New Contra game Rogue Corps revealed

Contra is back! In a surprise reveal during the E3 Nintendo Direct, we got our first look at Contra: Rogue Corps. It is a long-awaited return to the franchise for Konami as well as a canonical sequel to the SNES title Contra III: The Alien Wars.


Konami provided a red band trailer showing more of the crazy characters and over-the-top action after the Direct. In it, we meet the 4 playable characters which include a burly dude with a drill arm, a cyborg panda, a killer lady with an alien stomach, and a bug man. Yep, this is a Contra game alright.

As is standard for the franchise, we got plenty of guns, explosions, and alien forces to destroy. Each character seems to have their own special moves they can activate, and it appears that 4 player co-op will allow friends to join in the mayhem together. No word yet on if there is both local and online multiplayer.

Are you ready for Rogue Corps? Is this the return of the Contra franchise for you? Let us know your thoughts below.

David Giltinan
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