Contest: Win a Switch copy of Anima: Gate of Memories: Arcane Edition

Our contests never give up: Enter for your chance to win a Switch copy of Anima: Gate of Memories: Arcane Edition!

All in favor of giving away action games where you play as a badass trying to stop other badasses from doing badass things, say aye. *aye* All opposed, say nay. *crickets*

That’s what I thought.

Come win a copy of Anima: Gate of Memories: Arcade Edition for your Nintendo Switch!

Anima: Gate of Memories: Arcane Edition

Anima: Gate of Memories is a third-person action/RPG in the vein of Devil May Cry and NieR: Automata. Bridge the gap between a mysterious woman who’s lost her past and an immortal being doomed to roam the Earth forever. Included in the Arcane Edition is Anima: Gate of Memories and Anima: The Nameless Chronicles, meaning you get two campaigns for the price of one!

Your price if you win, of course, is nothing.

Game features include:

  • Play two different full campaigns, each one with its unique story, characters, scenarios, and bosses.
  • Gate of Memories features a unique Dual System that allows you to control two different characters and interchange them.
  • Customize your character playstyle each time you level up with a vast set of unique skills.
  • A great story full of memorable characters.
  • A huge world. You can move with freedom, allowing you to retrace your steps and unlock previously inaccessible places.

How to Win

To enter to win, use the widget below to drop your name and email address. That’s all I require. You can repeat daily for more entries. Should you wish to gain even more entries, you can follow NE and BadLand Publishing on Twitter and share our contest post via your social channels. If you don’t, that’s cool, too. Just know that I do a LOT of crying, and am not afraid to weep in public if I find out you’re holding out on me.

We have three NA keys and three EU keys to give away. Make sure to specify which region you’re in when you enter. Winners will be drawn on Wednesday, January 23. While you’re waiting, use the comments below to tell us your favorite action/RPG game. If someone disagrees with you, activate your Devil Trigger and unleash opinions on them!

Anima: Gate of Memories: Arcane Edition is available now on the eShop. It’s also now available in physical format for all you Olivia Newton-John fans out there! Check out Destructoid for more chances to win.

Contest: Win a Switch copy of Anima: Gate of Memories: Arcane Edition from NE!

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