Contest: Get your prickly hands on a physical copy of Assault Android Cactus+ from Super Rare Games

Super Rare Games Switch Assault Android Cactus+

In today’s contest we’re giving away copies of Super Rare Games’ physical Switch release of Assault Android Cactus+!

If you’re into botany, robots, violence, and physical releases of previously digital-only games, then you’re in luck! Super Rare Games is awesome, and at it again with their physical Switch release of Assault Android Cactus+.

Since it’s been available in digital format, why not win a physical copy to sit prettily upon your shelf?

Assault Android Cactus+ from Super Rare Games

If sci-fi infused twin-stick shooters are your jam, you’ve come to the right place. Legions of pissed off robots are attacking your commander, so it’s up to you to play as one of nine different androids to take ’em out, one horde at a time. This remixed and updated version of the original game adds new characters, challenges, ways to play, and campaign levels to what was already a shootin’ good time. And now that SRG is involved, you can proudly brandish your physical copy when your friends and in-laws come over. Get it quick, though; only 4,000 copies were made, so buy it now, or win it from us!

Assault Android Cactus+

This super rare, super awesome physical package comes with everything shown above, including:

  • Fully assembled Nintendo Switch game with cartridge
  • Interior art
  • Full-color manual
  • Exclusive sticker
  • 3 card trading card pack

A freaking game manual! Remember those?!

How To Win

To enter to win, drop your name and email address in the widget below. You can enter daily. Click around for ways to earn bonus entries, and make sure you actually listen to my song! Yes, I read your responses, and yes, I’m judging you.

We’ve got one copy of the game to give away; our winner will be drawn Wednesday, March 18. And guess what: It’s open to international readers! If SRG ships to your country, you can win. Awesome, yeah? Hit up Destructoid for more chances to win a copy.

Assault Android Cactus+, and a bunch of other awesome physical Switch games, is available now from our good friends over at Super Rare Games.

NE Contest: Get your prickly hands on a physical copy of Assault Android Cactus+ from Super Rare Games

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