Confuse: Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water receives erratic launch trailer

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water sales launch trailer

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water just launched on Nintendo Switch today. Although, it is missing some key extras from the original Wii U game. Regardless, it looks like using the Camera Obscura to destroy ghouls is still a fun time, even without a tablet. The Big N sought fit to remind players of the latest Wii U port by bestowing Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water with a launch trailer. It’s…weird.

This trailer for Fatal Frame switches gears a lot

Take a look at the clip below:

Is it just me, or is the footage a little inconsistent? You start out with a terrifying ghost, which leads into piano music with emotionless voice acting, which then culminates with pop music and photography action. It’s wild!

As a reminder, gamers can purchase either the basic or Digital Deluxe Edition of the title. The Standard Edition costs $39.99 and boasts an improved resolution, updated controls, and new outfits and accessories. The Digitial Deluxe Edition is $54.99 and includes a 20th-anniversary digital artbook and costumes from past entries in the series. You can also buy this content separately as DLC for $15.99. Finally, fans can get an Atelier Ryza outfit for free if you nab the game within the first two weeks from launch. Full details are located here.

Enthusiasts, did you think the Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water launch trailer was rough? Let us know below.


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