Conceptual art released for No More Heroes 3, Bayonetta designer on board

conceptual art

Readers beware: I’m going to spoil some details from No More Heroes 3 in the form of conceptual art.

Are Enthusiasts stoked about the upcoming Suda 51/Swery 65 collaboration? I certainly am: Hotel Barcelona sounds like a hit in the making. But let’s not forget No More Heroes 3. The upcoming action title from Suda had some details revealed via conceptual art today. Therefore, if you don’t care about certain character reveals, continue perusing this article.

This conceptual art is filling me with excitement

Our first image is of a Kimmy Howell redesign, a student/assassin Travis let live after an intense encounter during No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle:


Do those long legs remind you of Bayonetta? That’s no coincidence: the artist responsible for the Umbra Witch, Mari Shimazaki, is behind the reimagining of Kimmy. I’m loving the sparkle and fluffy bunny at the hip!

Also, three new forms were unveiled for Destroyman, the boss character who refuses to die.

There’s Mass Produced:


Version T:


And Final Destroyman:


However, according to Suda, Final Destroyman is for a hypothetical No More Heroes 4. No word on if he is joking or if Final Destroyman is just G (Phase 3) from Resident Evil 2.

In a comforting bit of news, both of these badasses will have their original voice actors (Jennifer Hale for Kimmy and Josh Keaton for Destroyman). You have to keep the gang together after all of these years!

What do readers think about this conceptual art? Are you all rushing to secure a No More Heroes 3 pre-order? Let us know below!

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All images courtesy of IGN Japan.


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