Concept: Metroid Dread Lego Ideas entry is the stuff of dreams

Metroid Dread Lego

Dear readers, do you remember the talented L-DI-EGO? They created the badass Lego Samus Gunship for Lego Ideas. While they wait for the company’s decision on actually creating the set, L-DI-EGO has been busy. Behold their latest concept: a Metroid Dread Lego set.

Metroid Dread and Lego go together like PB & J

Here is the proposal, straight from L-DI-EGO’s Twitter page:

The attention to detail is incredible. Look at how the lower right picture matches the official screenshot:

Metroid Dread Lego

In addition to the mock-up, L-DI-EGO provided a synopsis of the game:

Trapped in the depths of planet ZDR, the unstoppable bounty hunter (and “Ultimate Warrior”) Samus Aran must confront the last and final challenge on her journey: to run away from this remote place while she faces her latest foes, the E.M.M.I. (Extraplanetary Multiform Mobile Identifier) robots.
Developed by the Galactic Federation, these missile-proof research robots have got out of control; and won’t hesitate to pursue Samus if they detect her – Unless they are shut down with an specific tool, the Omega Blaster. But beware; each new E.M.M.I. has a different build and a greater threat.
Would Samus be able to stop the crazy robots, and escape the planet?

If the project comes to fruition, it will include a Samus figure in her Dread outfit, a Dread Morph Ball, scenery, and a customizable E.M.M.I. figurine. There are also secret reveals if the design hits a certain number of supporters.

As with the last concept, this Lego Idea needs 10,000 supporters to be considered. You can vote for the set here.

Metroid Dread Lego

Enthusiasts, will you vote for the Metroid Dread Lego set? I know I will. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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