Just an idea: Bayonetta 2 director shows concept art for a new IP


Does the name Yusuke Hashimoto ring any bells? The man was the producer of Bayonetta and director of Bayonetta 2. Hashimoto is no longer employed at PlatinumGames, and has formed his own team. Recently, Hashimoto shared some concept art for a new project via Twitter. Needless to say, it is quite tantalizing.

This concept looks amazing

Check out the tweet below:

For those who do not recognize the artwork of Tatsuya Yoshikawa, that’s the dude who worked at Capcom and designed characters for the Devil May Cry and Breath of Fire series. He also worked on the Mega Man games and Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure. You know, the Wii game with the amazing concept no one bought.

I’m getting some positive vibes from this photo. The drawing brings to mind Breath of the Wild and Horizon Zero Dawn. Also, it looks like the female protagonist is riding Ridley in the background. I’m praying for some Nintendo specific skins if this concept ever becomes real and launches on Switch.

Enthusiasts hungry for new IP, what do you think of this concept art? Would you buy a title from the guy who directed the perfect action game? Let us know down below!

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