Conarium, Lovecraftian horror game, comes to Switch today in Europe, February for NA

Conarium Switch

Zoetrope Interactive announced Conarium for Nintendo Switch at Gamescom 2020. At the time, it was set to come to the platform “soon,” although nothing more detailed than that was revealed. Out of nowhere Conarium has dropped on the EU Nintendo Switch eShop today, and it will follow to North America in February.

Conarium is a horror game, quite heavily inspired by H.P. Lovecraft. More specifically, the game is set following the events of the famous author’s At the Mountains of Madness novella. In the game, you explore the Antarctic base that the book is set in, with Conarium also containing various dreams and visions.

Conarium Switch

When it comes to gameplay, Conarium is a first-person adventure with very little combat. Instead, it focuses on exploration and puzzle-solving as you find out what’s going on at the Antarctic base. There are melee weapons featured in Conarium, although they’re primarily used for smashing down walls to enter new areas.

The Switch version is launching with a 15% discount on the EU eShop. Publisher Iceberg Interactive will launch Conarium on the Switch eShop in North America on Feb. 4, running the same launch discount. Without the discount, Conarium on Switch will cost you $19.99. You can check out the game’s Switch trailer from last year below.

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