Columbus Circle releasing a coral-colored cases for Switch Lite


Just recently, Nintendo revealed a new color for the Switch Lite that will be releasing in a few weeks: pink Coral. This new color has been well received by the community. Unsurprisingly, accessory makers are also adopting the new color into their products. As shown by Gamer, Japanese manufacturer Columbus Circle is doing just so with its lineup of new coral-colored Switch Lite cases.

Flip Cover Plus 

The Flip Cover Plus allows the rear of the Switch Lite to be nestled in its main body, and as the name suggests, there’s a flip-able flap that will keep the front of the system protected when not in use. The color of the Flip Cover Plus is very close to that of Nintendo’s shade of coral for the Lite. It launches in May 2020, again for the price of 1,760 yen ($16.62 US).

Slim Soft Pouch

This is a black and coral-colored slim pouch. This pouch is made out of soft materials and is designed to protect the Switch Lite when carrying it out and about. There’s also a compartment for other accessories like a charging cable. It launches in May 2020 for 1200 yen ($11.34 US). 

Hard Pouch for Switch Lite

Lastly is a hardshell case for the Switch Lite which also sports an all-coral color scheme with a white accent around the zipper. This is for if you need something with more heft than the slim pouch. On the inside, it has a small compartment for extra cables/accessories and also dedicated slots for carrying game cards. The hardshell case releases in may for 1,408 yen ($13.30). 

The coral-colored Switch Lite itself is set to be released on April 3, 2020, for the standard price of $199. Pre-orders are still open over on Nintendo’s official website. 

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