Cold Stone will sell Mario-themed ice cream from August to October

Cold Stone

The superbly tasty Cold Stone Creamery is partnering with Nintendo to make two Mario-themed ice cream treats available this fall. They will be available beginning August 28 and will stay in stores until October 15. With three out of the four components for each being the same, the two options are very similar to one another, though one is a full-fledged ice cream cake. The Cold Stone ad below shows both desserts, so take a look and rile up your taste buds.

Cold Stone

The ice cream cake, called Rainbow Sprinkle Road, features yellow cake, Sweet Cream ice cream, rainbow sprinkles, and blue frosting. Meanwhile, Mario & Luigi’s Masterpiece also has Sweet Cream ice cream, rainbow sprinkles, and blue frosting, but also spices things up with fudge. Further differentiating it from Rainbow Sprinkle Road is the fact that, well, it’s not a cake.

These desserts will also come with a Nintendo scratch card that awards some quantity of Nintendo Platinum points, which could be really cool, if Platinum points were at all useful.

It would have been nice to see a little more variety between the two treats, or just more in general. Where is my ice cream cone that looks like Toad’s head? My loving scale recreation of Super Mario Galaxy’s Sweet Sweet Galaxy on an ice cream cake? I’m disappointed, but willing to let it slide just because Mario & Luigi’s Masterpiece looks really, really good.


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