Call of Duty: Ghosts Producer States it Won\’t be Using Current Tech


The hotly anticipated release of the next chapter in the celebrated Call of Duty series AKA Call of Duty: Ghosts won\’t be sporting the latest and greatest technology when it comes to the Wii U and other next gen consoles.  Call of Duty: Ghosts executive producer, Mark Rubin, explained that the studio is trying to play a little more on the safe side these days and that like many sports you \”can\’t change the rules\” too much.

Rubin said with the onslaught of new and more powerful next gen consoles, it’s too early to tell yet what what direction they want to go in.  He said its kind of like a first date and those jitters you get when your on the date because you don\’t know if you really like the person and want to get to know them better or if you just don\’t see it working and you need to make nice and part ways.  However, Rubin did touch on some technology they have talked about, but that he couldn\’t mention anything because they haven\’t reached the discussion on the facets of multiplayer mode.

He went back to touch on the idea of sports and that you can\’t bend the rules too far because if you do there’s less structure and more chaos.

\”…you have to sort of live in the boundaries that you created for yourself.  Other games can do that.  They can do and go try out other features and that’s totally cool because as a gamer I like to player a lot of games,\” said Rubin.

Rubin says that for now the studio is staying where its most comfortable and that’s in delivering a cinematic immersive experience.

Tom Stovall