It fires in slugs: Donkey Kong 64’s Coconut Gun was originally a real shotgun

Coconut Gun

If you were around for the launch of Donkey Kong 64, you are probably familiar with the “DK Rap.” And if that is the case, you know of Donkey Kong’s beloved Coconut Gun. The weapon fires coconuts at enemies, but at one point, the firearm was much more deadly. According to DK64‘s creative director, George Andreas, the Coconut Gun used to be an honest-to-goodness shotgun.

Coconut Gun rolls off the tongue better for the rap

Here is George reminiscing about DK64‘s development, courtesy of GamesRadar:

It wasn’t a textured gun that you might expect but a realistic shotgun with bullets flying out and with horrifying sound effects. You get so used to things being in development, even if it is a placeholder, and I completely forgot that it was in there. I’m shooting beavers, turned to my side, and see this look of horror on Miyamoto’s face!

Yes, Donkey Kong’s creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, was checking on the progress of the Nintendo 64 game when he witnessed the bastardization of his character. Luckily, he didn’t fire George, instead opting to draw a picture of a coconut gun for use in the title.

If you are curious to see Donkey Kong running around with a shotgun, you can watch your childhood die below. Thankfully, the gun shoots fruit instead of bullets, but the look and sounds are decidedly too realistic:

Enthusiasts, were you aware of such sacrilege? Are you glad Rare listened to Miyamoto and removed the shotgun? Let us know below!

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