Climber: Sky Is the Limit brings mountain climbing survival sim to Switch

Climber: Sky Is the Limit A2 Softworks Polish Art Games Studio S.A. Nintendo Switch 2021 release date

Developer A2 Softworks and Polish publisher Art Games Studio S.A. have announced Climber: Sky Is the Limit, releasing first for Steam in 2021 and then Nintendo Switch and unspecified Sony and Microsoft consoles. It is a survival simulation game about mountain climbing, as its title would suggest, and the goal is to climb increasingly tall and arduous mountains. Among others, Mount Everest, Broad Peak, and K2 will all be replicated in the game, which sounds pretty cool to me, especially as a person who has zero interest in real-life mountain climbing. (I just have too much to live for.)

Have a look at the trailer for Climber: Sky Is the Limit.

Art Games Studio S.A. CEO Jakub Bak explained how this title is striving for fidelity: “For many people the mountains are like a magnet, especially the most mysterious and inaccessible ones. In our game, we want to introduce the fascinating passion of mountain climbing by focusing on realism and accurate mapping of the elements that can affect the trek of such expeditions. While working on the game we were inspired by literature on the topic and plan on consulting expert climbers.”

Games like A2 Softworks’ Climber: Sky Is the Limit show there really is a video game for everything now, and that’s awesome. Tell us what you think of this game so far.

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