Civilization VI announces New Frontier Pass and free updates

Civilization VI New Frontier Pass

If you’re a fan of Civilization VI and craving more content, you’re in luck. Publisher 2K and developer Firaxis have announced a massive new expansion for the game called the New Frontier Pass. The new season pass is set to deliver a huge amount of new content to the game between now and next year. A brand new trailer shows off what players can expect from the season pass.

The New Frontier Pass for Civilization VI is set to add eight new civilizations, six new game modes, and nine new leaders to the game alongside other additions and updates. The first pack of content dropping for the game as part of this season pass is the Maya & Gran Colombia Pack on May 21. This will include two new leaders, their two respective civilizations, new city-states and resources, as well as a brand new Apocalypse game mode.

If you purchase the $39.99 New Frontier Pass, you’ll also get two exclusive packs of DLC in July – the Teddy Roosevelt and Catherine De Medici Persona Packs. These Persona Packs take existing leaders and imagine them in a new style, with brand new character models, backgrounds, and gameplay styles.

civilization vi new frontier pass

Alongside the paid content of the New Frontier Pass, a wealth of free updates are also set to come to Civilization VI. These will add new maps, scenarios, balance changes, and more to the game.


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