Citizens of Space is coming to Nintendo Switch later this month

Citizens of Space Citizens of Earth Nintendo Switch RPG

Back in 2014, Eden Industries released an RPG called Citizens of Earth. Inspired by EarthBound, it quickly gained attention from Nintendo fans. Unfortunately, it launched to somewhat lukewarm reviews. We’ve heard little about the IP since then, but today publisher Sega announced a sequel. This time, the Vice President of Earth is heading into outer space. Shockingly, Citizens of Space launches in less than two weeks on June 18. You can check out the announcement trailer below.

Citizens of Space revealed

I played the original game on Wii U, and I came away with extremely mixed feelings. At times it was funny and charming, and the battle system was decent. However, I couldn’t get into the story, and it felt like it focused too much on uninteresting sidequests and busy work. More importantly, the game was plagued by technical issues that constantly disrupted the fun. Loading screens were constant, and they took their sweet, sweet time. Bugs and crashes were also a little too common for my liking. Eventually, some of these issues were dealt with in patches. Hopefully, that means Citizens of Space is a much more stable experience that learned from the mistakes of Citizens of Earth. Here’s what you can expect from the game, courtesy of  Sega.

Press release:

As the newly elected Ambassador of Earth to the Galactic Federation of Planets, everything seems like smooth sailing – until you arrive at the Federation headquarters for your first Assembly and you find Earth, the very planet you’re supposed to represent, missing! Out of a job (and a home), it’ll be up to you to recruit Citizens from across the galaxy and figure out who is responsible so you can get back to your cushy job as an Ambassador!

Citizens of Space Features:

Citizens Unite!–You have access to over 40 recruitable Citizens, all available at any moment in the story, and each with their own role to fill in and out of combat. Everything has been streamlined so you’ll spend a lot less time managing and more time leading your Citizens!

A Brand-New Battle System–Put your skills to the test in a newly-designed combat system where your ability to leverage timing and reflex-based minigames make all the difference between a landslide victory and a concession speech.

New Worlds of Exploration–It’s not just Earth in trouble this time! Journey from your home planet to a variety of humorous, wacky worlds, each brought to life with vivid art and organic environments.




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