CIO brings Bluetooth audio to Switch and PS4 with audio transmitter accessory

Bluetooth audio on Switch

One pet-peeve that a number of gamers have about modern consoles is that none of them support Bluetooth audio. There are a few wireless headsets that are specially made to work around this shortcoming. However, it’s only natural that in this day and age where the world is ruled by the likes of Airpods, it is far more convenient to have a device that can accept wireless audio on a universal scale. Thankfully, there are some manufacturers out there who have come through to provide that functionality to players.

Japanese company CIO is releasing an adapter for the Switch (and it’s also compatible with PS4) that allows the console to interface with wireless audio devices. Unattractively called the BTTM700C, this little audio transmitter supports Bluetooth 5.0 and also ha support for the APT-X low latency codec.  In layman’s terms, your modern earbuds/headphones should work well with little to no delay.

The little adapter plugs into the Switch’s USB-C port and also has a port of its own that allows for the console to still be charged. Alternatively, there’s a USB-C to USB-A dongle included that also allows you to connect the adapter to a PS4 or PC that lacks Bluetooth functionality.

CIO’s BT-TM700 audio transmitter will hit Amazon Japan on November 19.It will cost 2,980 yen ($27.34). There are a few similar adapters over on Amazon USA as well, though they’re not made by CIO.


A.K Rahming
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