Cindered Shadows: Fire Emblem Three Houses introduces new story DLC

fire emblem three houses dlc

Today’s certainly a good day to be a Fire Emblem: Three Houses fan. With the earlier Smash Bros. broadcast, Byleth will soon join the melee in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as Fighters Pass challenger #5, bringing the brawl to their home turf at Garreg Mach Monastery on January 28. Now that the Smash Bros. Fighters Pass has finally finished (only to make way for Volume 2), it’s time for Three Houses to soon wrap up its own Expansion Pass, with the reveal of a new side story for the game: Cindered Shadows.

Initially due for release by April 30, the fourth wave of DLC for the game includes a new side story campaign. Cindered Shadows centers on a new location beneath the hallowed monastery dubbed “Abyss” (hinted at by Anna in the last wave) starring the Ashen Wolves, a fourth House for Byleth to interact with. New characters Balthus, Constance, Yuri, and Hapi can presumably be recruited into the main story.

The side story will also be accompanied by a free update, though what that update will include is unknown at this time. Cindered Shadows will drop on February 12 for Fire Emblem: Three Houses‘ Expansion Pass owners.

What do you think of this upcoming side story and which student are you most eager to recruit? Let us know in the comments.


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