Chronus Arc set for Switch in Japan next month

Chronus Arc

Kemco’s Chronus Arc will be making its way to the Switch eShop in Japan next month, the company has announced. Further information on the title is still quite limited at this point; as of right now Kemco hasn’t disclosed a price, nor a specific release date.

Chronus Arc was an RPG originally released on the 3DS and gained moderate success on the system despite gaining mixed to poor reviews. On the 3DS the title gained a western release in both North America and Europe. You can expect news of a western release to follow soon, though nothing has yet been announced.

The title won’t just be coming to Switch, however. The title will break its Nintendo exclusivity as it will release on the other current-gen consoles as well as Vita and PC.  Given that its 3DS release was cut-price, it stands to reason this new release will be too, so it may prove to be a decent option if you want a role-playing game for cheap.

The release of Chronus Arc on Switch marks furthered support of the platform by the Japanese publisher. Kemco has already brought several games to the Nintendo eShop, most for a small price. While most of the titles are in a similar vein to Chronus Arc, there are a few games that differ. For example, the company has also brought over the interesting rogue-like Yodanji and the quirky title Mom Hid My Game.

Will you be picking up Chronus Arc when it hits the Switch? Have you played any of Kemco’s other offerings on the system, and what did you think? Tell us in the comment section below! I’m personally unsure of just how worth it this game would be of your hard-earned money, but nevertheless, more support for the Switch is always a good thing.


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