Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross original soundtracks are on Spotify

Spotify Chrono Trigger Chrono Cross Yasunori Mitsuda music

Yasunori Mitsuda basically had to issue Square an ultimatum back in the day to finally get them to agree to let him compose for a game. So Square gave him a game to compose — Chrono Trigger for Super Nintendo. Mitsuda’s soundtrack for that game went on to become one of the most universally celebrated in game history, and many (like me) argue vehemently that it’s the greatest soundtrack in video game history. Welp, we’re all in great luck, because today Mitsuda’s original soundtracks for both 1995’s Chrono Trigger and 2000 sequel Chrono Cross are now available on Spotify, as noted on Twitter.

Chrono Cross is widely celebrated for its high-quality soundtrack as well, so there is so much to love here on Spotify.

Of course, Mitsuda did not produce these soundtracks completely by himself, and the few tracks contributed by others are also phenomenally good, such as Nobuo Uematsu’s “Sealed Door.” Basically, I could turn this article into a thousand words of gushing, drunken praise and use every positive adjective conceivable to talk about how much I love theĀ Chrono Trigger soundtrack. But I won’t.

I’m just relaying that Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross are on Spotify, and now you have no reason to listen to anything else today. (It will also go well with all the tons of Final Fantasy and Capcom music available now on Spotify and other streaming services.)


John Friscia
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