Chrono Cross remaster is reportedly real, targeting multiplatform release

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Back in September, a massive leak of GeForce Nvidia NOW yielded a massive list of announced and unannounced video games that may be in development at myriad different developers, including Square Enix, and some of the more stunning games listed were a Final Fantasy IX remake, a Final Fantasy Tactics remaster, and a Chrono Cross remaster. Now, more details are piling up to suggest that at least the Chrono Cross remaster is real and targeting a vague multiplatform release.

Firstly, back in October, VGC reported that singer songwriter Éabha McMahon claimed she had recently done work on a “big” “remake of a PlayStation game,” and tweets suggested she was working with Yasunori Mitsuda, who composed the brunt of the soundtracks for Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross. Now, again via VGC, XboxEra co-founder Nick Baker explained on the XboxEra podcast that the game in question is in fact a Chrono Cross remaster, but it is not strictly a PlayStation game. We have cued up the relevant conversation below.

“(E)veryone’s working under the assumption that it’s a PlayStation exclusive — I’ve been told that it’s not,” said Baker. “The only word that was used was ‘multiplat.’ Now, when I hear JRPG and multiplat, I automatically assume PC, PlayStation, Switch — that’s my assumption. That’s not what I was told; that’s just my assumption. All my source said to me was ‘multiplat.’ That’s what they said; they told me it wasn’t PlayStation-exclusive.”

Baker clarified that, even if Square Enix does reveal a Chrono Cross remaster at an upcoming PlayStation event, it will not mean the game is exclusive to PlayStation. That is a correct assumption, as PlayStation has revealed plenty of games that are not exclusive to the platform.

If these reports pan out, it bodes well for the existence of a Final Fantasy Tactics remaster and Final Fantasy IX remake. We’re still scratching our heads at what the heck a Final Fantasy IX remake would look like though (despite an awesome recent fan trailer). Meanwhile, Square Enix just announced that a Chrono Trigger jazz album is on the way.


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