Music to your ears: Unofficial Chrome extension adds Animal Crossing tunes to your browser

Chrome extension

Animal Crossing fans, I know you’re anxious. Next month, you will have to decide between New Horizons and DOOM Eternal. How are you passing the time until then? One smart way to go about it is by listening to music. Thanks to an unofficial Chrome extension, you can hear your favorite tunes from the town sim during your everyday life.

This Chrome extension is quite customizable

Using the attachment, gamers can play K.K. Slider hits in the background while at the office or lounging at home. The add-on takes various things into account before playing a song, such as the time of day, weather, and day of the week. Every title in the Animal Crossing series so far is represented. Also, the musically inclined can create their own Town Tunes. Put those boops and beeps together to create a symphony!

If you would like to try out the supplement, download it for free here.

Enthusiasts, are you going to take advantage of the Animal Crossing Chrome extension? Will you be listening to pre-determined pieces or are you going to create your own compositions? Do you think Nintendo will shut the accompaniment down? Let us know your inclinations with a thoughtful comment below.

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