Choo: Point-and-click Loco Motive gets trailer, launches Summer 2022

Loco Motive trailer

File this new game under “intriguing.” Robust Games and Chucklefish just announced Loco Motive during the Indie World Showcase with a trailer. A point-and-click comedy adventure, Loco Motive tasks you with investigating the suspicious death of Lady Unterwald aboard a train. The game promises a fully-voiced cast, ingenious puzzles, and an in-game hint line if you get stuck.

Loco Motive is making me nostalgic for those old Lucasarts games

Here’s the announcement trailer:

I love the art style and animation!

A bevy of features await players, including:

  • A comedy adventure that hits like smooth jazz, set onboard a 1930s express train
  • Take control of three playable characters, in an interlinking comedic adventure
  • Uncover a deadly mystery, full of twists, turns and slapstick humour
  • Meet a train-full of quirky and somewhat suspicious fellow passengers
  • Stop at nothing to solve item-based puzzles, that won’t leave you head scratching for hours
  • Choose how you play, by taking direct interactive character control, or opting for a classic point and click experience
  • Beautifully detailed pixel art bursting with charm and character
  • Need a little nudge in the right direction? Telephone for assistance with an in-game hint call-line!
  • Fully voiced, with the slinky sounds of composer Paul Zimmerman (Space Haven)

Loco Motive will steam ahead onto Nintendo Switch Summer 2022.

Enthusiasts, has your curiosity been piqued by the Loco Motive trailer? Let us know below!

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