Check out your official Nintendo Switch – Year in Review breakdown

nintendo switch year in review

There’s just a little more than two weeks left in 2021, and Nintendo is inviting you to reflect back on the year. To this end, they’ve released an official Nintendo Switch – Year in Review 2021 hype video and website. The video is a sizzle reel of popular game releases from this year like Monster Hunter Rise and Mario Party Superstars. Meanwhile, the website is a more personalized affair, giving you stats on your play habits in 2021. Check it all out below!

Nintendo Switch –  Year in Review 2021

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The Nintendo Switch – Year in Review presentation is available in North America and Europe. It contains a recap of your play habits, including things like:

  • When you played your Switch for the first time
  • How many games you’ve played this year and last year
  • How many hours you’ve logged in those games
  • Your top three games from the year, and your number one from last year
  • A breakdown of how often you played each month
  • Your single most active day on Nintendo Switch
  • How often you play docked vs handheld
  • How many Gold and Platinum points you’ve earned

Personally, I was not at all surprised to learn that Minecraft, Metroid Dread, and the Super Nintendo app are my most played titles. Now that Paper Mario is out and Banjo-Kazooie is on the way, I’m sure the Nintendo 64 app will be joining them.

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