Check out this incredible fan-made Paper Zelda trailer from 64 Bits

Paper Zelda trailer 64 Bits

Numerous reports of a new, back-to-roots Paper Mario game have been lighting up the video game industry lately, and it’s not hard to see why. The early games in the franchise are some of the most charming, delightful RPGs around. Why not give other beloved Nintendo titles that same treatment? That’s the attitude of the talented animators at 64 Bits, so they used their April Fool’s Day video to show us what that would look like. In short: It’s spectacular! Check out the trailer for Paper Zelda, a game I now wish was real below!

Paper Zelda trailer from 64 Bits

A wonderful tribute to two beloved franchises

This trailer for a hypothetical Paper Zelda game is truly the best of both worlds. It wonderfully captures the atmosphere of early Paper Mario games while paying homage to some of Zelda‘s most iconic moments and places. There’s Ocarina of Time‘s Kakariko Village, the old-school overworld of Adventure of Link, the menacing Moon of Majora’s Mask, and more.

I’ve long been of the opinion that a Paper Zelda game would be worthwhile, and this cements it. It just works. This trailer was an incredible work of art from 64 Bits, and it leaves me desperately craving the real thing. Your move, Nintendo!


Ben Lamoreux
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