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Mario Kart Hot Wheels

Last month, Hot Wheels showcased its continued development of Mario Kart Hot Wheels toys for its racing sets. A selection of upcoming toys was revealed, including a bunch of Yoshi variants alongside new karts, gliders, and more. Now, Famitsu has shared some new, high-resolution screenshots of these as they become available in certain markets.

One of these new sets is launching at the end of this month in Japan. It’ll set you back 6,500 yen and contains a blue Yoshi racer, a Mario racer, and a looping track set featuring a scary-looking Bowser statue. Here’s a look at the contents of the set:

Blue Yoshi hot wheels set

Hot wheels set

This particular set has already begun making its way to the U.S. A Target listing shows the set for sale, costing $40. It’s seen multiple customer reviews with pictures too, so it’s definitely out there and available to pick up.

The rest of the upcoming Mario Kart Hot Wheels toys are still on the way in the future. There’s the Cat Peach standard kart, a pipe frame Diddy Kong, new glider and kart sets, a P-Wing Toad, and more. There’s also a line of “randomized” Yoshi karts coming, where you purchase a sealed bag with one of eight Yoshi variants inside.


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