Check out this Luigi’s Mansion 3DS trailer and wonder why it’s not on Switch

Luigi's Mansion 3DS

Nintendo is ready to get spooky this October by bringing Luigi’s Mansion back from the dead with Luigi’s Mansion 3DS.  Sure, it’s no HD Switch remake, but it is still exciting to see that Nintendo cares about their ghost-hunting classic. To celebrate the coming release, they opened the month with a brand new video dubbed the “Face Your Fears” trailer. The fright-fest thirty-second trailer does not show much, but check it out below.

3DS owners can revisit this 2001 GameCube classic on the go this October 12th. Luigi’s Mansion 3DS looks to be a pretty exciting package all around, and I personally am quite excited for it, but I am curious as to why Nintendo chose to go the 3DS route, 240p resolution and all, instead of giving us a taste of HD Luigi’s Mansion ahead of the third game next year. The 3DS, especially the original 3DS, does not seem well-suited for controller Luigi’s Mansion, as the GameCube release made extensive use of the C-stick and analog triggers. Maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised–the 3DS has games confirmed all the way through 2019 at least, and if the system still selling, why would Nintendo leave it out to dry?

Plus, Luigi’s Mansion 3DS does make sense for a few reasons. The original game was always envisioned as a 3D experience, and now that dream becomes reality with the 3DS’s glasses-free 3D (Remember? It can do that!) Furthermore, it’s quite possible that Luigi’s Mansion 3DS is a substantially easier and quicker port job than Luigi’s Mansion Switch. Perhaps a Switch release would necessitate new HD visuals and work whereas, on 3DS, lots of assets can be reused from the oft-overlooked, always-underappreciated Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. That, and, if Luigi’s Mansion came to Switch, people would probably expect a double-pack with Dark Moon.

If you were really hoping for some ghost-hunting action on Switch, you will have to wait until Luigi’s Mansion 3 comes out next year in the midst of Nintendo’s packed 2019 line-up.

What do you think? Are you gonna dust off your aging 3DS for some scary ghost-hunting goodness, or are you gonna skip Luigi’s Mansion 3DS? Let us know in the comments.

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