Chasing Static brings PlayStation 1-inspired horror to Switch in Q3 2021

Chasing Static Nintendo Switch release date Q3 2021 Ratalaika Games Headware Games retro horro PS1 PlayStation 1

Publisher Ratalaika Games and developer Headware Games are bringing retro horror game Chasing Static to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC in Q3 2021. Headware Games has explained that “the PlayStation era had so many great horror games” and that this title aims to “pay homage” to those titles and their visuals while “scarring a whole new generation” with some fresh ideas. The graphics in the Chasing Static reveal trailer do have some PlayStation 1 flavor, but the game is clearly a little prettier than anything that console could have produced.

The game takes place in North Wales, where Chris Selwood hides from a storm in the middle of the night at a remote cafe. Unfortunately, in short order, a mysterious creature pins the cafe waitress to the ceiling, (It happens!) and now you’re running around North Wales and unwittingly stumbling upon what remains of a “mysterious facility.” Chasing Static has non-linear gameplay that encourages exploration, and you will be using a Frequency Displacement Monitoring Device to hunt for “anomalies” with sound.

So far, Headware Games seems like it’s on track to deliver a thrilling retro horror experience with Chasing Static on Nintendo Switch. Stay tuned for a final release date later this year.


John Friscia
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