Charlotte cuts fools down in Samurai Shodown trailer

Charlotte cuts fools up in Samurai Shodown for Nintendo Switch

Samurai Shodown is looking pretty healthy so far, as it approaches its June release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and its nebulous Q4 release on Nintendo Switch. To continue the hype train, there is a new trailer for Charlotte, a French noble who fights with an epee.

Since I’m terrible at fighting games and don’t really know their unique terminology well, allow me to describe the trailer in my own way: Charlotte cuts fools up. There’s blood. She swings the sword a lot, and fast. Lots of swinging and cutting. And she kills a rose for some reason.

… Enjoy!


Charlotte has been a part of Samurai Shodown since the first entry in arcades in 1993. We had that game on Sega Genesis, and the weapon gimmick really helped it stand out at the time. It’s kind of surprising to me that the series ever went into hibernation, especially for roughly a decade, but it’s nice that it’s back.

In the new game, Charlotte is joined by new characters Darli Dagger, Yashamaru Kurama, and Wu-Ruixiang. Each one has a unique and explosive look; suffice to say, they would stand out in a shopping mall.

Are you hyped for the return of Samurai Shodown on Switch? Are you wishing other fighting games, like Street Fighter V, would come? Let us know down below!


John Friscia
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