Charles Martinet would ‘play with great joy’ if asked to be Mario in the new movie

Charles Martinet Super Mario movie Illumination voice actor inclusion great joy happiness

Even though the 3D-animated Illumination Super Mario movie was announced a few years ago, we still don’t know much of anything about it, including whether iconic and beloved voice actor Charles Martinet will be part of it. Martinet is of course the voices of Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, and more characters, and his voice can even be heard coming out of costumed characters at Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan. However, despite how universally celebrated Charles Martinet is by the entire Mario fandom, Nintendo and Illumination could always opt to use “bigger name” actors for the Super Mario movie. If Martinet were asked to be in the movie though, he said in an interview with Stardust Blaze the movie sounds like “great fun,” and “if they invite me to play, I’ll go in and play with great joy and happiness.”

“Everything that Illumination touches looks like it’s fun and (the same is true of) Nintendo too,” he added. Illumination is responsible for the Despicable Me and The Secret Life of Pets franchises, among other things, and it is working directly with Shigeru Miyamoto to develop an authentic animated Super Mario movie experience; we just really hope that authentic experience includes Charles Martinet.


John Friscia
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