Charles Martinet ends a Super Mario 64 mystery: Mario says, ‘So long, Kinga Bowser!’

Charles Martinet on Super Mario 64 -- so long, Kinga Boswer

A long-standing mystery surrounding Super Mario 64 has been what exactly Mario says while he spins Bowser by the tail. Is it, “So long, King Bowser!” or something more like, “So long-uh, Bowser!”? Well, somebody on Twitter finally had the bright idea to just ask Charles Martinet, the universally beloved voice actor of Mario and other Nintendo characters. We now have the answer.

Yep, “Kinga Bowser” is the answer. Now we know! GameXplain has a short, helpful video if you’d like to listen to that oldĀ Super Mario 64 audio clip yourself. It’s easy to see how people debated the line for so long.

Stuff like this really makes you hope that Charles Martinet just writes a book someday, because his brain must be full of so much Nintendo trivia at this point that fans would be dying to hear about. We could stand to learn a lot of very fun, very nerdy stuff.


John Friscia
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