Chains of Fury is a stylized FPS where you can ‘destroy everything’

Chains of Fury FPS Cobble Games Art Games Studio S.A.

Some video games are all about subtlety and eloquence, trying to weave every element just so in order to produce a true work of art. Other video games are just about blowing up everything. Chains of Fury pretty literally lands in the latter category, being a new FPS with comic book-like graphics planned for Nintendo Switch and Steam. Developed by Art Games Studio S.A. and Cobble Games and being published by Gaming Factory S.A., Chains of Fury promises, “The player can destroy at least 80 percent of the walls in a given level.”

The premise of another Red Faction-like experience where you can blow up everything you see is a great selling point all by itself. However, when you factor in the attractive and distinct comic book visual style, you really start to have something special. I’m not an FPS guy at all, so the fact that I’m intrigued by this is a positive sign.

According to a press release, Chains of Fury will offer the following features:

  • Brutal and bloody and intense gameplay
  • Comic graphics
  • An innovative environment destruction system
  • An expanded arsenal full of crazy weapons
  • 6 different worlds
  • Numerous references to classic shooters
  • Metal soundtrack
  • Multiplayer mode (with split-screen)

Chains of Fury is planned for Q4 2020 release, and it is possible that more platforms beyond Switch and Steam will be announced.

[Source: PR]

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