Celeste’s free Chapter 9 DLC adds 100+ new levels

Celeste Chapter 9 DLC Towerfall

Celeste was one of the biggest indie success stories of 2018. The story of Madeline climbing the mountain while dealing with her inner demons resonated with players around the world. Toss in beautiful graphics, an engrossing soundtrack, tight controls, and incredible level design, and you’ve got a recipe for success. Beyond the main story, players can also challenge themselves with the ultra-hard B-Sides and C-Sides. On top of all that wonderful content, developer Matt Makes Games is gearing up to launch free DLC. That’s right, Chapter 9 is on the way!

Celeste’s free Chapter 9 DLC

Back in December, Matt Thorson teased that he was working on new, challenging levels for release in 2019. The team originally planned to release just a few new music tracks and a series of challenges without any story. But as time went on, they found themselves adding more and more content. In May, Thorson revealed that Celeste‘s 9th and final chapter will be getting more story after all. Meanwhile, composer Lena Raine announced that plenty of new music is on the way. We’re in for a treat!

So just how much more Celeste goodness can we expect in Chapter 9? Thorson recently took to Twitter to answer that question, and he did not disappoint! The free update will add more than 100 new levels to the game! That should make it around the same size as The Summit, which is the final chapter of the game’s primary story. Individual levels are usually pretty small in terms of screen space, but some can take quite a while to master. That should be especially true this time around, as the team is including some new items and game mechanics.

There’s still no confirmed release date for Chapter 9, but that’s okay. The team doesn’t want to commit to something until they’re absolutely certain, because they keep adding more! If they set a firm release date, they don’t have the flexibility to add in new ideas as they have them. Personally, I’m sure it’s worth the wait. Celeste was my Game of the Year for 2018, so I trust them to take as much time as they need to deliver a great experience.


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