Celeste / TowerFall developer rechristens itself as Extremely OK Games

Extremely OK Games: Matt Makes Games: Celeste / TowerFall

Once upon a time, there was Matt, Matt Thorson. Matt makes games. In fact, he called his studio Matt Makes Games, because there was one of him and he made games. Matt was struck with a sudden bout of unbridled success though, specifically from TowerFall and Celeste, and his team grew in some slight but substantial ways during that time. As a result, the development team has officially rebranded today under a new name: Extremely OK Games (EXOK), stationed out of a “cozy little space” in Vancouver.

Staff that previously lived in Sao Paulo, Brazil has migrated so that the team can develop games more efficiently together. The new studio branding also allows staff to more easily engage in profit sharing / creative ownership, though TowerFall and Celeste will largely continue to operate under Matt Makes Games for the sake of convenience. Extremely OK Games is currently working on a new game codenamed “EXOK1,” though no details have been shared.

If you’re into that sort of thing, they’re even doing a fan club / mailing list that comes with “a fancy certificate to commemorate your membership.” That’s pretty high-profile.

Oh, and if you haven’t heard, Celeste Chapter 9 drops Sept. 9.

I haven’t ever gotten around to playing their games, actually, but I do love learning from Pedro Medeiros’ pixel art tutorials. At the very least, I’m sure the next Extremely OK Games project will be attractive to look at.


John Friscia
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