Celeste sells over 500,000, has new levels coming in 2019

Celeste chapter 9

The indie phenom Celeste has had a fantastic debut year. Upon its January release, the platforming phenom took the gaming world by storm with its tight gameplay, engrossing characters, and a wonderful score. Celeste earned overwhelmingly positive reception and went on to win Best Independent Game at the 2018 Game Awards. Apparently, Celeste captured our wallets as well as our hearts. Earlier today, Matt Thorson from Matt Makes Games took to Twitter to announce that the game sold over 500,000 copies in 2018.

To add to the excitement, Matt also announced some new, extra-challenging levels for the game, planned for release in early 2019. He did not comment on whether the DLC would cost money or not, nor did he dive into any other specifics. Finally, he concluded by teasing the studio’s next big project for a 2019 reveal. The Tweets are shown below.

It’s been a very exciting year for Celeste and its fans. The game has been in the news a lot lately with the launch of its new Variants mode (which is slated for Switch) and its Game Awards win. Now, it looks like that excitement will continue at least a little bit into next year.  Then, it’ll be onto new horizons for the accomplished studio that already has two classics–Towerfall and Celeste–under its belt.

Nick Pearson
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