Catherine: Full Body demo hitting Nintendo Switch soon


A Catherine: Full Body demo will be coming to Nintendo Switch at some point before the main game’s release on July 7. The demo was revealed by the game’s Japanese Q&A page, and developer Atlus said that the release date for the demo would be revealed as soon as possible. Catherine: Full Body is much more than a remaster of the original game. With the Full Body edition came a brand new love interest, also adding more content, cutscenes, puzzles, and awkward moments.

The Q&A page that detailed the Catherine: Full Body demo additionally gave more details about the full release. A Nintendo Switch Online subscription will be required if you want to play online, which should be obvious at this point. And there will be no console cross-play, meaning you will only be playing online with other people playing the Nintendo Switch version.

Catherine: Full Body for Nintendo Switch is going to contain all of the previously released DLC for the game. To download the game digitally from the eShop, it is expected to be at least 11.4 GB, which is somewhat hefty but not extremely surprising considering how much voice acting and how many cinematics are in the story-dense puzzler.


Jamie Sharp
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