Castlevania season 4 will end Netflix series in May, spin-off series possible

Castlevania season 4 end Netflix canceled finished spin-off series possible Warren Ellis

Deadline reports that Castlevania season 4 will be the end of the Netflix series when it premieres on May 13, 2021. These 10 final episodes will close the door on the anime that began in 2017 and received largely critical acclaim. However, Deadline sources also indicate that Netflix is contemplating a spin-off Castlevania series with completely new characters in the same universe, so you might still be able to get your fix for bloodthirsty, supernatural combat.

Comic book writer Warren Ellis wrote and executive produced all four seasons of this series, but after a series of peculiar sexual misconduct allegations that he subsequently denied, he and the show parted ways. The fact that theĀ Castlevania series is outright ending is a new development though, and it’s unclear if Ellis’ departure had anything to do with it.

Hopefully, Castlevania season 4 will be able to tie up the loose ends with its increasingly expansive cast of characters. It’s curious to think about what sorts of characters might appear in a Castlevania spin-off series that aren’t already part of the current show. However, it seems not every character would be new, as series director Samuel Deats teases that Alucard may stick around. Also, the same production team would be developing the spinoff.

For my part, I honestly fell off the series after season 2, having been bored to death by just about everything except the final episode of the season. But how do you feel about Castlevania ending with season 4, and what do you hope to see in a potential spinoff?


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