Castlevania season 4 trailer hypes up the big conclusion with lots of action

Castlevania season 4 trailer Netflix release date may 13, 2021

Netflix has unleashed the Castlevania season 4 trailer ahead of its release date on May 13. This season will mark the end of the series, which began in 2017 and has been written by Warren Ellis and primarily directed by Sam Deats. The short, 4-episode first season largely only set up the stakes and characters of the series, while season 2 concluded with the final battle against Dracula. Season 3 then was about the aftermath for the many characters, good or villainous, that had been introduced throughout the series. Castlevania season 4 will put a punctuation point on the adventure, which, as the trailer indicates, will involve a lot of blood.

As we reported earlier this month, even though Castlevania will end with season 4, that may not be the end of the franchise on Netflix. A spin-off series with different characters at a different point in the series timeline is being considered, and the return of Alucard is also on the table, at least in a cameo appearance. If you fell off on this Castlevania series at any point (like I did), maybe you’ll shrug your shoulders at this new trailer, but there’s always hope that the spin-off series will reignite excitement. That’s presuming it receives the official green light for production, of course.

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John Friscia
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