Castlevania Advance Collection rated for Australia

Castlevania Advance Collection rating rated Australia Konami M2 port compilation Game Boy Advance Circle of the Moon Harmony of Dissonance Aria of Sorrow

Back in 2019, Konami released three collections of its classic games, including Castlevania Anniversary Collection. That featured a good variety of entries in the original series, including NES and Game Boy games, the Sega Genesis entry, and Super Castlevania IV on SNES. (It’s now getting a physical release too.) What it distinctly lacked, however, was any of the Metroidvania-style entries, including the esteemed Game Boy Advance trio of Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, Harmony of Dissonance, and Aria of Sorrow. However, that may be changing, as a rating for a Castlevania Advance Collection from publisher Konami and developer M2 has emerged in Australia.

No concrete information about this Castlevania Advance Collection is provided by the Australian rating, aside from that there are some mature themes and “fantasy violence,” which certainly sounds par for the course. “Advance” in the name implies it would contain all three games released on Game Boy Advance though. Meanwhile, M2 is known for performing a lot of game ports, so it would make sense for it to be involved in a compilation of classic Konami games.

It could be some time before Konami announces anything in an official capacity about Castlevania Advance Collection, presuming it isn’t some odd, gigantic error, so stay tuned for updates (and cross your fingers for some stellar Game Boy Advance ports).


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