CastleStorm DLC Arriving on Wii U This Week

CastleStorm is a fantastic Wii U eShop title that has received very high praise from critics, including by our own Elia Pales.

\”CastleStorm is a game which ended up taking a simple premise, like the destruction within Angry Birds, and added several other simple layers to create one very complex game. The story mode of the game is extensive and replayable, the multiplayer modes are a great way to fuel some friendly competition, and the style itself is incredibly quirky and entertaining. For its ten dollar price tag, CastleStorm is absolutely worth buying and playing through!\”

Zen Studios announced today that it will be expanding the CastleStorm adventure by adding it’s first DLC package: From Outcast to Savior. From Outcast to Savior adds new environments, 20 new battles, a Royal Guard Faction, a new arsenal of weapons, and a whole lot more. Zen Studios states that is will be available tomorrow on the Wii U eShop for both NA and EU regions. No price point has been announced.

Zen Studios also confirmed that a second batch of DLC, The Warrior Queen, would also be hitting the Wii U eShop. No date was confirmed on this release.

Shawn Long
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