Hand-drawn 3D platformer Castle on the Coast hits Switch next week

Castle on the Coast

Castle on the Coast, a 3D platformer from developer Big Heart Productions and publisher Klabater, is heading to Switch next week on December 2. Emphasizing big, open levels with tons of stuff to collect and a lovable mascot, Castle on the Coast harkens back to retro 3D collectathons such as Banjo-Kazooie. You can see the game in action with the trailer below.

Castle on the Coast sends players on a quest to unite two wizards, both of the same family but struggling with conflict and disagreement. On top of general collectathon fun, the allows for co-op; an additional player can assist George the Giraffe on his mission by assuming the role of Swirl. Swirl is a flying squirrel who can help out George with a variety of helpful moves, including providing bouncy, flowery platforms, magical attacks, and a parachute maneuver that helps George traverse tricky gaps.

The star of Castle on the Coast, George the Giraffe, is also the official mascot of the real-life Valley Children’s Hospital in California. Stemming from this, a bit of the revenue earned from the game will be used to support hospital programs.

Castle on the Coast will cost $14.99 on the Switch eShop when it launches next week, but you can nab a 10% Cyber Monday discount if you grab the game right away. Are you interested in giving it a whirl?


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