Capcom’s RE5 and RE6 Switch port demos have big performance issues

RE5 RE6 switch port demo performance issues

After seeming initially cautious, Capcom is now bringing tons of games to Switch. This is especially true when it comes to the Resident Evil franchise. However, players aren’t exactly thrilled with the results. For starters, all of the recent ports are priced at $30, or about $10 higher than you’d get them on any other platform. Two more ports are on their way in just a few weeks, but based on their demos, they’re lacking some polish. According to Digital Foundry’s analysis, RE5 and RE6 have major performance issues. You can check out their breakdown in the video below.

RE5 and RE6 Switch ports struggle

Capcom’s performance issues

Past players might notice at a quick glance that something looks different about RE5 in motion. That’s because Capcom has completely disabled the motion blur that once played a significant role in the game. Beyond that, the last-gen game struggles to maintain a steady frame rate on Switch. The frame rate wasn’t capped at 30, but it’s not clear why. As Digital Foundry explains, it never hits 60 or 50, and only occasionally hits 40. It tends to hover around 30, but drops into the mid-20s are not at all uncommon. In two-player split-screen mode, that average is even lower.┬áThe end result is a bit of a jarring experience that lacks a consistent, smooth look. RE6, it turns out, is even worse.

Digital Foundry’s breakdown of RE6 shows similar issues to RE5, but with a worse average frame rate. The upcoming Switch port generall hovers between 25 and 35 frames per second, and it’s more often on the lower end of that range. When playing in split-screen, the frame rate often struggles to get above 20.

Overall, these demos are very disappointing. However, they are still just demos. Here’s hoping Capcom finds a way to make the finished product more stable, whether at launch or in a post-launch patch.

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