Capcom talks reviving “dormant IP” after recent successes

Dormant IP Capcom

Capcom recently released its 2019 Integrated Report, giving a number of insights into the company’s inner workings and sales. More importantly to the general consumer, though, it also provides a look into their plans for the future. The report states that they are “actively looking to utilize dormant IP” as a way to bring in new revenue. Of course, they also restate that making money is the core focus and that this is just one path for them.

As of right now, Capcom’s recent successes have largely come from Resident Evil 2 and Monster Hunter: World – new releases of two of its most popular franchises. This year’s Devil May Cry is a step towards reviving those “dormant IP” as the first numbered release in eleven years. Bringing back titles long past is a great way of utilizing what they already have, and the rumors of a new Okami game seem right in step with this effort.

The report also delves into Capcom’s work in multimedia franchises, pointing towards the Resident Evil films and the upcoming Monster Hunter film set to release in 2020. By having as many active franchises as possible, Capcom is provided with more options for non-gaming content.

As for new games, Capcom has outlined their continued efforts to bring new IP to the table. While the idea of a new Breath of Fire, Dino Crisis, or even Demon’s Crest is exciting, I’m always eager to see what Capcom might bring out next. As for Switch owners, there’s no telling if we’ll be included in the fun this time around. However, I have a hard time imagining that Capcom would completely pass up Nintendo’s popular console.


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